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Experience the power of a true digital family at Infofix Solutions. Our 180+ skilled professionals are committed to delivering seamless digital experiences that help businesses achieve global growth. From startups to established enterprises, we're your trusted partner in building digital solutions that drive success. We take responsibility for perfect execution, celebrate our successes, and analyze our failures as a team.

Our commitment to each other and to our clients is unwavering. Choose Infofix Solutions for digital solutions that unlock new opportunities and drive global growth.

Meet the team

Team members

Sagar Bhardwaj

Managing Director

Sagar Bhardwaj is the visionary leader at the helm of Infofix Solutions. With over a decade in the IT industry, Sagar's strategic insights and passion for innovation have guided our journey to excellence. Under his leadership, we've embraced emerging technologies and a client-centric approach, transforming challenges into opportunities for our clients' success.

Narendra Singh

Wholetime Director

Meet Narendra Singh, our esteemed Wholetime Director, whose strategic leadership has been instrumental in steering our company's growth. With a wealth of experience and a visionary outlook, Narendra's contributions drive innovation, excellence, and success for our organization. His commitment to our mission ensures that we continue to thrive as a dynamic force in the industry.

Pooja Sharma

Woman Director

Pooja Sharma, our dedicated Woman Director, brings a unique perspective to our leadership team. With a blend of expertise and insight, Pooja plays a pivotal role in shaping our company's direction. Her commitment to diversity and inclusion, combined with her strategic vision, contributes to our organization's dynamic growth and success.

Seema Khatri

Project Manager

Meet Seema Khatri, our accomplished Project Manager. With a track record of successful project deliveries, Seema excels in coordinating teams, managing timelines, and ensuring project objectives are met. Her meticulous approach, leadership skills, and dedication contribute to seamless project execution and client satisfaction.

Dipali Nawal

Quality Assurance Manager

Dipali Nawal, our proficient Quality Assurance Manager, is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of product quality. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, Dipali ensures that our deliverables meet and exceed expectations. Her expertise contributes to our company's reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction.

Sakshi Khatri

Operations Manager

Sakshi Khatri is our capable Operations Manager, overseeing the smooth functioning of critical processes within our organization. With a knack for efficient resource allocation and process optimization, Sakshi plays a key role in enhancing operational efficiency. Her dedication to streamlining operations contributes to our team's success and overall productivity.